It is our priority to ensure local voices and local solutions are front and centre for bush fire recovery efforts in the Upper Murray.

Our purpose

The Upper Murray Community Recovery Committee will consider the entire region, including cross-border communities, and bigger vision projects.

Our purpose is to lead, identify and advocate for the region-wide recovery priorities for the Upper Murray through bringing together community representation; regional, cross-border and local interests.

We will work closely with council, Bushfire Recovery Victoria and other Community Recovery Committees in the region to recover and rebuild our community.

Our priorities

  1. Health and wellbeing for individuals and communities.
  2. Mobile phone black spots.
  3. Electricity and power security (microgrid).
  4. Agricultural diversity.
  5. Adventure tourism.

Our members

Chairperson: Dominic Sandilands

Deputy chair: Father Mitch Porter

Treasurer: Jo Mackinnon

Group Represented


Berringama / Lucyvale CRC

Alex Stravakos

Biggara CRC

Faith Damm

Corryong CRC

Thea Newton and Cathy Ross

Cudgewa CRC

Joshua Levi Collings

Nariel CRC

Christina Aston

Thowgla CRC

David Braniff

Tintaldra CRC

Jo MacKinnon (Treasurer)

Towong CRC

Nathan Hewatt

Walwa/ Jingellic

Janice Newnham

Cross Border/ Tooma

Kate Sutherland

Agriculture Working Group

Andrew Whitehead

Economic Development Working Group

Ian Cesa

People and Wellbeing Working Group

Dominic Sandilands (Chair)

People and Wellbeing/ Pastoral

Fr Mitch Porter (Deputy Chair)

Natural Environment Working Group

Janice Newnham

Built Infrastructure Working Group


Country Fire Authority

Paul Carkeek


Errol Obran

Youth and Corryong Neighbourhood Centre

Sara Jenkins

Observers: Towong Shire Council, Bushfire Recovery Victoria, Snowy Valleys Council, Communities not represented by an established local area Community Recovery Committee

Our responsibilities

The Upper Murray Community Recovery Committee came together to:

  • Advocate for community recovery needs to and from Stakeholders
  • Assist with proposals to attract project funding and resources to invest in the Upper Murray region
  • Maintain effective two-way communication on the community recovery process
  • Contribute to evaluation processes that will improve future disaster recovery efforts.


Coordinator Community Recovery and Resilience, Tanya Aramini via the Recovery Hub: