Our Recovery is an online engagement service used by Community Recovery Committees CRCs) to inform and update their communities on community news, priorities and consultations. Our Recovery is provided by the state of Victoria through Bushfire Recovery Victoria (BRV); administered by the twenty-two community-led Community Recovery Committees (CRC) formed in response to the 2019/2020 bushfires, supported by 3 local councils and developed by Social Pinpoint. See Privacy Policy for an exact list of the CRCs and councils involved.

We moderate Our Recovery to create a safe environment for all people.

The site uses either:

  1. post-moderation where all content submitted by users on our site is immediately published and then reviewed by our moderators to ensure it complies with the site’s Moderation Policy or
  2. pre-moderation where all content must first be approved by our moderators before appearing on the site.

If Our Recovery or Social Pinpoint finds the content violates the Moderation Policy, the user’s content will be rejected and the user may be notified via email. We reserve the right to edit or remove any content in our sole discretion that has been posted on our site.

In some cases, you may notice that your submitted content that was once posted no longer appears on the site. The content is only temporarily removed until Our Recovery or Social Pinpoint has reviewed it to ensure it complies with the Moderation Policy. If your content has been rejected, you may be notified by us via email.

With the pre-moderation tool, moderators must review and approve the user’s content before it is posted onto the site. This may mean the user’s content does not immediately appear on the site.

Think positively about your participation on the Our Recovery site. Posting to the site is an opportunity for you to be involved with your local community.

Participation Rules

We have the right to edit or remove any content submitted by a user. This can include, but not be limited to:

  • Personal attacks on other participants or staff
  • Personal information about any of the other participants or staff
  • Offensive language including profanity
  • Comments that are discriminatory of people’s gender, race, religion, culture, sexual preference, appearance or background
  • Links to any advertising or illegal material
  • Spamming of comments
  • Rude and dismissive comments

Participation Guidelines

  • Contribute constructive discussions and comments while respecting the views of other people
  • Only post content that suitable for anyone (including young children) to view
  • Ensure you have received permission to post any images or intellectual property of third parties
  • Do not spam either by posting irrelevant websites or by re-posting your comment
  • Avoid rude and dismissive comments

Contact us

If you have any questions about this Moderation Policy, you can email ourrecovery@brv.vic.gov.au