The Berringama Lucyvale Community Recovery Committee (CRC) was formed in August 2020 with six members initially.

Our purpose is to advocate for the community, help other existing community groups and organisations, formalise CRC priorities and achieve funding and project goals and oversee and support recovery efforts for the community.

Our members

  • Nicole Martin (Chair)
  • Jeff Brindley (Deputy Chair)
  • Ricarda Brindley (Secretary)
  • Tammy Mazurek (Deputy Secretary
  • Fiona Coulston (Communications)
  • Alex Stravakos (Upper Murray CRC Representative)
  • Bill Coulston
  • Robyn Coulston
  • Kaye Laverty
  • Des Burley
  • Sharelle Stravakos
  • Ewan Carkeek
  • Lorraine Carkeek
  • Judy Jeffcott
  • Lyn Coulston
  • Frederick MacKenzie
  • Ian Whitehead

Our progress

  • Adopted a Terms of Reference stating our objectives.
  • Operational Budget confirmed (funds provided by BRV).
  • Implemented a whole of valley community survey to identify community recovery priorities.
  • Grant applications submitted for solar power installation, air-condition and base UHF unit for the Lucyvale Hall.
  • Trailer mounted quick-fill units secured and are located in Lucyvale and Berringama Valleys thanks to a personal donation and a successful CFA grant submission.
  • Received a ride on lawn mower to maintain a fire-safe area around the hall donated by the Marysville community.
  • History of the Lucyvale Hall is being documented and will be displayed at the Hall.
  • Dr Rob Gordon (bushfire trauma recovery psychologist) YouTube video circulated to CRC members.
  • Valley monthly community get together, commended immediately follow the fire, re-established to further strengthen community cohesion.

Our objectives

To liaise between our community, Towong Shire Council, Bushfire Recovery Victoria, community service organisations and other state government agencies.

Contribute to recovery objectives of the wider Upper Murray community.

Give a voice to the views and recovery goals of bushfire affected community members in Towong and surrounding areas

Our priorities

  • Quick fill unit for Lucyvale Valley to complement donated quickfill unit for Berringama
  • Water tanks for Lucyvale hall
  • Improve creek access for firefighting at Coulstons bridge, Mansells Rd and the Needles
  • Wiring in donated generator into mains power system at Lucyvale Hall
  • UHF base unit and antennae for hall
  • UHF systems for households
  • Defib for Lucyvale Hall (Berringama fire shed already has one)
  • Sprinkler system for roof of Lucyvale hall for fire protection
  • Solar power system for Lucyvale hall
  • Split-system airconditioner for Lucyvale hall
  • Upgrade disability toilet at Lucyvale Hall Local
  • First aid and fire preparedness training
  • Local fuel supply so capacity to store bulk fuel in valley for emergencies
  • Ride-on mower for Lucyvale hall
  • Kitchen-toilet renovation at Lucyvale Hall
  • Portable shower
  • Slip-on, trailer-mounted weed spray unit
  • Demolition/materials salvage from Berringama hall
  • Develop public picnic area
  • Pizza oven for Lucyvale hall
  • Community market stand